We are making a case for a fundamental change in how we do democracy.

We are making a case for a fundamental change in how we do democracy. To achieve a change like this needs a strong platform from which to build, and a closely connected community of supporters to spread the word as we call for something better.


Join our online network

We connect with a network of people who share our commitment to a better democracy through our Facebook group, The Demos. Anyone can join the group and be active in supporting our outreach activities. We regularly share inside news, updates and requests and encourage discussions and posts from participants. We host quarterly webinars to connect personally and to ask for input and assistance on new or emerging priorities.

Power of the pen

A simple and effective way to get our message across to a broad audience is to write a letter to the editor or chime in with a comment online. Whether it is your local newspaper, a major metropolitan outlet or a more specialist journal, outlet or website, sharing your perspective on current affairs through the lens of democratic reform can be a powerful piece of advocacy. You might respond to the news of the day, or start a new conversation; either way, we can help you with tips and information to help get your words published. Make sure you let us know when your letter appears!

Raise your voice

Contribute your voice in outlets and forums where participation and shared input is possible. Suggest a discussion at a local community group. Join in an event happening in your area. Get your book club to read something relevant to the cause! Anything that can engage others in consideration of how we can restore trust in public decision-making. We can support you in these efforts with materials, case studies and academic literature that helps convey the points you wish to make.

Demand trust and to be trusted

Seek to influence those in positions of authority including local councillors and your state and federal members of parliament. Remind them of the common sense of everyday people when they are trusted and given opportunity to deliberate. Tell them about the work being done by nDF in exploring and expanding this realm. Show them how this approach has already been applied to improve trusted public decision-making. Let us know who you connect with so we can follow up.

Host an event

Host an event to share your knowledge of the work we do among your own network of family, friends or colleagues. This could be as simple as a conversation over a coffee or a meal; or a more formal meeting or function. This provides a mix of people with the opportunity to understand what we advocate in detail and to hear the questions and concerns of others. We can help you to introduce the concepts and ideas and suggest some ways to explore the issues at hand. Bring others into our community by sharing our page, reporting back on your success, and encouraging your family, friends or colleagues to join us.

Share your talent

Is there another way you can contribute to the work we are doing? Do you have a talent that can support us? We welcome fresh ideas of ways to contribute to our efforts, so please contact us to suggest an action, activity or new form of advocacy.